YouTube & Google + Nightmare

Is it just me or has Google gone completely off the rails with this new ‘Linking your Youtube Channel to Google+ account’ malarky? Now, I’m not a regular on YouTube, meaning I don’t login on a daily basis. I’d say realistically I probably login once every two weeks or so and that’s about it, but…

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Multi Squeeze Page Wordpress Template

Free WordPress Squeeze Page Template

Welcome to my brand new for 2013 WordPress squeeze page template. I’ve called it the Multi squeeze page template because out of all my previous squeeze page template designs, this is probably the most versatile. All my previous WordPress templates were limited to using either a certain sized video or a certain sized ebook cover…

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Put The Garbage In The Bin

What I’ve found over recent years is the sheer desperacy to make some quick cash online. You know the score, someone finds a crappy PLR product and they’ll try and cash in on it without putting any effort into making it their own original content. They’ll simply use all the original graphics and content and try…

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Stay Focused To Make Money Online

Stay Focused On What You’re Doing

If you’re just starting out in the Internet marketing world, you may think that title of this post sounds pretty obvious right? Well, yeah it is, however, speaking from past experiences I’m quite confident that sooner or later (more often sooner rather than later) something will distract you from what you set out doing in…

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Video Squeeze Page Wordpress Template

Video Squeeze Page Template

To see an overview of the WordPress Video Squeeze Page Template click the video below where I give you a quick demonstration on how to set it up for your site. To download the template head over to the download page here.    

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Modern Tablet Squeeze Page Template

The Video Squeeze Page Tablet Template

If you want to see how to integrate my new Tablet design WordPress Video Squeeze Page Template into your own wordpress blog then click on the video below. To download the template head over to the download page here.    

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Simple Squeeze Page Template Wordpress Theme

Simple Squeeze WordPress Theme

To see an overview of my Simple Squeeze WordPress Theme click the video below where I give you a quick demo of the default look and the alternative layouts you can have. To download the theme head over to the download page here.  

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Multiple Streams Of Income

Can You Imagine a Dripping Tap?

Over the years I used to really struggle getting my head around this whole Internet marketing stuff??? If you’re anything like I was back then it seemed that everyone else on the Internet was making money but YOU…Right? I’ve studied many many different ways of Internet marketing over the last decade and I did used…

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